The importance of ME time

Maybe not new year new you, maybe new year make more TIME for you.

Without actively freeing up space to do the things we enjoy, taking “me” can often evoke feelikngs of guilt which then take away the joy of doing whatever you wanted to do in said “me” time. Vicious circle no?

To-do lists and planning personally really help me with time management and to be more productive with my days. I plan meals for the week so I know what shopping to buy and to save time deciding what to cook on the day (this also helps me eat less crap), what work I'll do when, what activities I can do, when I can exercise, anything I can plan I will! It really has a positive effect on my whole week ahead when I know what I can do around family life.

These are a few of my favourite “me” things that can lift my mood, level my thought processes and clear my head instantly:

  • 20 mins minimum of reading Personal Development/Law Of Attraction daily

  • Walks in the fresh air, preferably along the beach

  • Exercise: this is always an extremely difficult one for me to motivate myself to do but of course the benefits are phenomenal

  • Take a long shower, everything's better after a shower

  • Drink more water

  • Write out a list of things I'm grateful for, 10/day

  • Watch something funny on the tv

  • Get a massage/facial

  • Home pamper session

I'm going to make a conscious effort this year to focus on feeling my best because it really is so true what they say; you can't pour from an empty cup, I hope some of you will also!

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