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I strongly believe that we create our own destiny, I've always hated the saying 'what's meant to be will be' or 'everything happens for a reason' because whilst in some parts this is true, I simply can't, and won't, accept that I have such little control over my life!

Growing up my mum always was (and still is) my biggest heroine. I don't think I've ever aspired to be like anybody else, I may have envied the lifestyle of famous movie stars and singers performing to thousands of people but they have endless amounts of the green stuff, but otherwise that's all money is, stuff! Which is constantly being made and if others can have endless amounts, why can't I?

The reason I look up to my mum more than any other human is not only that she is an amazing mother where nothing is too much trouble, but she's shaped my mindset incredibly, not by going on about how to live my life as like her, I think I know best, but simply because she creates her circumstances, over, and over, and over again, to improve both hers and everyone she cares abouts lives, and I'm pretty sure she won't stop until she has it how she wants it!

I love to read, which is probably why I babble on so much because I assume everybody else does too, but for the last 21 months (to be exact) my focus has been on self improvement books, and anybody that knows me knows how highly I recommend "The Secret" because I try and get them all to read it too. I can be having the worst day or week (not month anymore because I make changes before it reaches that point) and I can read a page or chapter of that book and it sorts me right out. It truly turned my life around those 21 months ago when I decided to read it! I was in a very low place and knew I would get out if it just wasn't sure how or when, and that book taught me to take ownership, how to truly feel gratitude and take control of my life. Unfortunately I am very easily affected by other people's moods so I have to take great care in ensuring I can snap out of it and do what's best for me.

You see, self help books don't tell you how to live your life, but teach you how to control your circumstances, which in turn causes you to take action which guess what? Leads to the results you've been procrastinating over for the last week, month or year and so on, and there is no better feeling than that of seeing results that you know you've brought around yourself! 

Thoughts lead to feelings lead to actions!

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