Be good to your skin, you'll wear it for the rest of your life...

"I don't have time" well then you need to make time! Do you have time to wash your hands after going to the bathroom? Or to wash your hair and body when you shower? In that case you have time. I understand a busy lifestyle, I used to work 14 hour days for 7 months at a time without a full day off, I get it, but did you know sleeping with your make-up on ages you up to 7x faster than without? We have enough environmental factors to deal with these days (natural and not so natural) that every little thing we can do will help. 

So what should we be doing? Do we really need a whole skin care regime? The simple answer is YES! Cleansing, toning and moisturising are your absolute basics that should be done on a daily basis and are quite self explanatory really: 


Cleanse- Preferably twice, twice a day, cleans away any impurities from the day, including but not limited to, make-up/wind/pollution and excess oils naturally produced by the skin 

Tone- apply after cleansing, either with a cotton pad or by simply spritzing onto the face depending on which type of toner you have-Balances out the skin's pH, removes any excess cleanser/make-up/helps to close pores and tones the skin

Moisturise- to be applied after cleansing and toning, your moisturiser will help to nourish and moisturise the skin and help to act as a barries against all the nasty things we're trying to remove at the end of the day!

If you're currently doing nothing with your skin, the above are an absolute must to get you started and you will start reaping the benefits straight away, I have the perfect prodcts for you just get in touch 


Exfoliate- 2-3 times/week, depending on your skin type, or the type of week you've had! Exfoliating doesn't only lift dead skin allowing your other products to penetrate deeper but helps to get your blood circulation going giving you a much brighter, glowier complexion!

Mask/Peel- Nope not just for nights in with the girls! Face masks and peels are extremely vital to your skin care regime as they actually remove the dead skin that the exfoliator has lifted, again allowing for deeper penetration of the other products, leaving your skin as smooth as a baby's bum in turn allowing for better application of make-up, a bright and glowing complexion, and healthy skin that can breathe!

Think of it like this: you plant a seed (this is your baby skin cells lying below the surface of the skin) and then you put a cement block on top (this is the dead skin cells sitting on the surface), how are you going to nurture and nourish those baby cells to keep them healthy and growing if there is a cement block in the way? Your exfoliator breaks down the cement block, and your masks and peels remove the rubble that's left behind!

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