Attitude of Grattitude

There is something truly magical about real gratitude that can enhance your life in so many amazing ways it's hard to believe you ever went without it!

This is not to say that if you're not currently happy with your life that you're ungrateful, and this is not about using your mannors where mannors should be used. This is about FEELING grateful for what you already have in your life in order to be given more of the good stuff, to continue being grateful for, and about meaning those mannors when you use them to make the person you're using them towards feel them, not throwing away a thank you as you walk out the shop door without so much as looking the person in the eye. You see the law of attraction means like attracts like, you only get what you give so to speak. So if you are being and feeling grateful for every small thing you already have in your life down to the air you breathe, the Universe must give you more things to be grateful for!

If you don't follow the law of attraction then I highly recommend it, and if it's not the right time for you,

yet this blog post is resonating, then start by writing 25 things down right now that you are grateful for, then add 10 things to it every day. You'll notice you start to feel lighter and happier in yourself and more good things will keep coming!

It's as simple as that, e-mail us you gratitude stories and let us know how an Attitude of Gratidue has changed things for you!

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