What are they? What do they do? Why do I need them?

From the best face masks to face scrubbing to face peels: Skin Care Everywhere can advise & supply what you need

Mud Mask


*Scrubs (aka exfoliators) need to be used twice weekly minumum. They clean the skin from the inside out lifting up the dead cells that have accumulated on top by default, if you dont exfoliate, your skin will luck extremely dull and lifeless, pores will be clogged unfortunately resulting in breakouts, acne, blackheads etc.


*Masks- not just to look cute whilst having a pillow fight with your girlfriends! They are so vital and clever and I NEVER used, nor knew what they did until one South African beauty therapist (Simone) in my team explained it to me, (I thought they were the same as scrubs or just to hydrate). They draw out impurities from deep within the pores and deeply hydrate those baby cells that you're letting breathe from the exfoliation (I was a bit right. )Turns out the masks remove the dead skin that has been lifted by the exfoliation process, so pretty vital before you go rubbing all that dead skin back into your face!


*Peels are intense treatments that no longer can only be performed by trained therapists (which of course is a much more relaxing way). They are super important for targeting fine lines and wrinkles, skin discolouration, improving clarity, tone and texture and speeding up your cellular renewal process that keeps you looking youthful. They can also help with acne scarring or other facial scarring depending on which type you go for- amazing right?