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Why do we need to cleanse and tone? Why can't I use a bar of soap? 

What happens to a bar of soap when you wash your hands and leave it on the side? It dries up! The exact same thing happens to your skin...



Personally I like foam cleansers for daily use for the fresh feeling they give and ease of use, but my absolute favourite has to be the Lumispa dual action cleansing device. It takes literally 2 minutes (it has it's own timer) and provides 7 clinically proven benefits PLUS a facial massage :

  • Profound cleansing to clean away daily environmental dirt and make up

  • Skin smoothing by sloughing away rough skin and eliminating dead skin cells to give you a smoother complexion

  • Reduced appearance of pores by pumping the pores to give them a minimised appearance

  • A more refreshed look by activating and invigorating the skin

  • Increased radiance as it cleanses and exfoliates revealing radiant and luminous skin

  • Skin softness from the buffing away of dead skin cells

  • Skin clarity by removing excess oils and bacteria promoting visibly clearer skin

Whichever type of cleanser you go with, you should always work in upwards motions as with gravity everything starts to come down, it just helps to tone the facial muscles in the right way. With the majority of cleansers you can simply apply in the shower to save time or with a cotton pad/gauze/flannel, however suits you unless your cleanser specifically requires being left on for a certain amount of time like some advanced cleansers/facial washes.​


I can NOT live without my toner! My face just doesn't feel clean (which could just be one of my things) but they really are a must have as part of your daily regime.


Not only do they remove any left over cleanser you may have missed but they tighten the skin by closing the pores preparing your skin for the rest of your daily/weekly regime and just for the day in general.


They also help to balance the pH of the skin meaning for a better, more even skin tone! They are pretty simple to choose which one is best for you and they are normally for dry /oily/combination skin but once you've started toning you wont be without it!

You can purchase spritz toners if you're super busy, where you can just spray onto the face once you've cleansed and go, or the more thorough kind where you pour/spray/squirt onto a cotton pad or gauze and apply all over the face in upwards motions.